Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who Does She Think She Is?

Today I played the documentary Who Does She Think She Is? and it was just what I needed to get started on a new project.  Wonderful film.

In the center top is the work in progress surrounded by two older quilted pieces along with scraps of compost and rust fabric. The original idea soon took a new form when I decided to use a piece from the indigo sample.  I'm stitching in place onto a felt back, not piecing.

Not sure what other fabrics will end up in this piece.  But I just have to remark on the little yellow things--my new favorite quilting tool.  Unfortunately not cheap. They are made of self healing foam that you stick on the end of pins. I always use those double pronged silk pins and I have stuck myself on those sharp points more times than I care to count. Quilters' safety pins leave holes in my silk not to mention they are a pain in the butt to open and close when you are sewing.


  1. I'm really going to enjoy watching this develop, Pat....oooh, good stuff here!

    1. Thank you--it's coming along. I've done quite a lot of stitching since I posted this (free motion on the machine).


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