Monday, August 26, 2013

Selective amnesia

Pat Vivod c2013. Detail of direct object printing on dupioni

I know from experience that curating a show takes a lot of work and time, after all it was only two years ago that I was involved with the innovations show. But selective amnesia allowed my brain to forget those many hours I spent behind the scenes organizing everything, and to gloss over that tidbit about making a whole new body of work on top of the curating because I was also IN the show.

Here I am again, curating (thankfully with the help of Elizabeth Adams-Marks) and participating with 361 days left before the show opens. That's enough time isn't it? Because I am JUST getting started on my own work!  (I had an epiphany a couple of weeks ago.)

I'm not prepared to explain anything yet, but here's a detail of the first experiment. I'm planning an edition of three in organza, the first of which was just laid out today. This detail is of dupioni picked up a week ago using the same objects.  The whole piece is about 100 inches long.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Elizabeth Adams-Marks

Handmade abaca, flax, kozo, and wheat paper; rust printed, indigo dyed. A detail of one of the pieces in Elizabeth's solo show opening August 23, 2013 at St. Louis Artists' Guild.
Elizabeth Adams-Marks, my co-conspirator in the 2014 show From the Inside Out, is a woman of endless energy--a true dynamo!  She has been working with me on plans for our show, traveled to Cornwall for the month of June with her husband and made a side trip to Paris.   Ten days ago Women's Marks, the current show at Edwardsville Arts Center, opened.  Elizabeth has several paintings and paper works in the show.  Three of the paintings have already been sold!

This past weekend Elizabeth taught a paper making workshop at Jacoby Arts Center during Fiber Weekend.  Some of her work will be featured there.  It opens on August 23.  Which makes for a dilemma because a solo show at the St. Louis Artist Guild opens the same evening!  The detail above is for that show.

On top of all this whirlwind of art making and framing, Elizabeth is also preparing to start teaching again (any day now) when school resumes.  She teaches middle school art in St. Louis.

To learn more about Elizabeth's new work visit her blog.

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