Wednesday, August 27, 2014

FTIO Reception

Rio Wrenn from Portland Oregon, our visiting artist and one of our participants in FTIO joined us at the reception Friday night.

Elizabeth and I are so proud of what we all accomplished and so happy that the response has been so positive. Follow this link to see other reception photos and some I took when I was alone in the gallery at SIUE.

Elizabeth and I are planning a catalog of the exhibition.  We'll keep you posted on our progress.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


n.[in-stuh-ley-shuh n i-tuhs]

A condition of complete exhaustion when one is sleep deprived for days on end while installing 52 pieces of artwork.  Brought on, in part, by chronic procrastination regarding one's own work, and exasperated by all the little things that crop up in the process.  

Chaos of installation, ADW Gallery SIUE, in the midst of hanging From the Inside Out exhibition
I am continuing to deprive myself of needed sleep.  The reception was Friday--seems a lifetime ago--but only yesterday in my mind (although it's now the wee hours of Sunday morning which means it was two days ago).  

Today (Saturday) was the first of Rio's two day workshop and a while ago I could hardly keep my eyes open.  Now I am revived for awhile staring at the computer screen, realizing I hadn't posted anything on this blog since July 4.  Wow, this exhibition has taken so much energy.  Can relax now perhaps.  I will post some views of the the exhibition very soon.  

In the meantime - above - here's a teaser.  In the window is one of Irit Dulman's pieces called Pillar of Salt.  It is a breathtaking eco print on wool jersey.  To the right are two of Elizabeth Adams-Marks works on hand made paper.  In the foreground is the mess of what it's like to install a show…rolling step stool; black framework that will eventually hold an embroidered piece of Fabienne Rey's; A large padded table where we pressed virtually everything that came in the door before it was installed which reminds me of the incredible trust the artists placed in EAM and I to handle their work carefully.

I think she and I could write a book on this curating process.  It's been quite an adventure.  I could not be happier with this show.  I am so proud of what we've accomplished and hope that any of you living in the region can see the show in person.  For everyone else, be patient--a catalog will be made.  

From the Inside Out
Art and Design West Gallery
Southern Illinois University 
75 South Circle Drive (on campus)
Edwardsville, IL  62026

Gallery hours 10-2 Monday through Friday
Call 650-3071 to confirm hours because gallery is being staffed by volunteers right now.

A sneak peek of the show.  This area is directly opposite the main view of gallery and showcases all 5 artists.  From left is Irit Dulman's eco printed shibori felt dress; my largest and newest piece, The Feast of Saint Frackcis, layered rust print on the back wall; two of Rio Wrenn's Core pieces that are mounted on canvas, Fabienne Rey's eco printed and embroidered piece mounted on sheer organza and hanging between the two walls, and finally Elizabeth Adams-Marks large hand made paper construction.  

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