Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy New Year

I was once embarrassed into standing up to take a bow at a faculty meeting because I had scored the lowest of anyone in the room on a time management test given by a guest speaker.  It didn't help that I sat next to someone (a nun of course!) who got a 95 compared to my 5.  I was told my score reflected a chronic problem connected to perfectionism.  My fellow teachers and I had a good laugh, but honestly, I had not previously thought of myself as a perfectionist, nor made the connection to procrastination.  Later I Googled the two words and found I had a choice of 140,000 possible articles to read.  Now you know why it has been over two months since I last posted! 

Here it is the end of January--I don't suppose it is too late to wish everyone a happy new year.  It has been very cold.  The propane tank was filled again today for the whopping price of $3.36 a gallon.   Snow is supposed to be on the way tonight although the prediction is only for an inch or so in this area.  Darcy my one eyed cat who usually loves to be outdoors is content to sleep in her warm basket, just about 24/7.  I am wishing I had some fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm.  It is chilly in the basement where the computer lives.

A friend emailed today asking about tights she'd heard I made.   I took these pictures at the fashion show I spoke of in the November post.  The model is wearing a dress and boot legs designed and made by Lillian Bates.  The tights are my design using the shibori rust method I use to make scarves and larger silk pieces.     The 3rd image is a detail of a different pair of tights.  No two ever come out alike, but I was completely surprised when the design was mostly black and cream with hardly any rust color. 

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