Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fingers in pies

The digits are messy.Got them stuck in many pies this summer. Everything seems to be happening at once.  The new blog for the Innovations in Textiles 10 show I'm curating is LIVE. Go visit Material Revival to learn all about the project. I've also put a tab at top of this blog.

Material Revival is a reunion of 5 of the 6 artists who participated in Collaboration Reaping and Sewing in 2011 at Jacoby Arts Center. I've brought Erin Cork Woolfolk, Joe Stealey, Laura Strand, and Erin Vigneau Dimick together again to continue our collaboration and enticed Sarah Gillespie to join us this year. We six are all friends and colleagues, but more importantly we share a teacher/student/mentor relationship. You can read all about the artists at the new blog.  You'll find a page for everyone via tabs at the top of the blog.

Erin Vigneau Dimick has lent us this image for promotion purposes for Innovations 10.  I'll be posting updates and some sneak peeks at the new work being created on the new blog as information becomes available.

Erin Vigneau Dimick - Mutatis - silk, paper, thread

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