Thursday, July 23, 2015

First of my 5 shows opened August 1

Patricia Vivod, scarf detail
shibori rust print
Transformed by Time

Artists: Patricia Vivod, Elizabeth Adams-Marks, Susan Bostwick 

Layered Materials ... Handmade paper, silk fibers, and ceramics ... Embossed, rusted, dyed, stitched, marked, fired ... Transformed by time.

August 1-30, 2015
Stone Bridge Valley Art Center
HC 61 Box 6. Michael, IL 62065
Opening Reception: Saturday August 1, 4-6pmArtist Talk at 4:30 pm

Live music by Abigail Knoche
For more information, contact 
Linda Basden: 618-576-9235

BLACK is the new Rust!

I was very busy last year with the SIUE show, and since ArtEast was canceled (perhaps to be reborn at some future date) that I made almost no scarves. So while I've been making lots of big work, I've also made a dazzling array of scarves using my new rusty bits acquired this spring on several antique jaunts. You'll see lots of black and deep color and some unique object printed as well as shibori rusted pieces. There are lots of them available at Stone Bridge such as the image above through August 31.

I'm also showing a bead embellished rust print dress. The official title is Snow Moon Dress.  I call it the wide dress because with arms outstretched it measures about 54 inches.  With arms down the fabric drapes beautifully longer at the sides. I cut the pattern from a Guatemalan dress I acquired years ago. The silk is actually from three separate rusted pieces of fabric and the pattern involves 8 pieces chosen for their coordinated color and pattern. Here's a shot of a beautifully tall model from a fashion show a few years ago orchestrated by my friend Lillian Bates, (I cropped out the  distractions of surrounding chaos at Jacoby Arts Center, hence the narrow crop).

Other work in the show includes a set of fiber collages that combined rust prints, composted, and solar dyed fabrics with felt and some commercially printed fabrics. I did lots of free motion embroidery on them and sometimes some needle felting. Here is one of those pieces.

Auri Sacra Fames © Patricia Vivod, 29" x 20"
Auri Sacra Fames, if my translation is correct is Latin for accursed hunger for gold. This and the other collages were all part of a series addressing the economic meltdown that seems to be repeating itself. Another of the pieces in this show is Organic Bailout which you can see on my Small Works page.  

Greek Tragedy © Patricia Vivod.  Shibori rust print, 53" x 57"
I also showed some large silk.  This new piece was finished especially for this show.  As soon as I upload some images I shot in the gallery I'll share them here.
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