Thursday, January 19, 2012

What can I say--been enjoying life

The holidays are over and I must confess I've stretched out the vacation considerably.  I just got word that two of my big silks were accepted into EAC TWO, the 2nd juried show at Edwardsville Arts Center in its brand new location at Edwardsville High School.  What a beautiful gallery.  Can't wait to see my work exhibited there.  The show opens Friday, February I guess I better get the thimble out and stitch in the rod pockets!

Here are the accepted works.  Do come see them in person if you live locally.

Dawn of Time c2012
Shibori rust on silk dupioni
54" x 60"

I love working on the dupioni.  I first began experiments with it in summer of 2010, fearful that the silk was too thick for the rust to penetrate adequately.  Eight layers works fine however and it hangs so beautifully.  Wish it wasn't quite so expensive.
Maze of Life c2012
Shibori rust on silk dupioni
66" x 48"

Also wish that I could find it in a narrower width for hangings--I hate hemming.  Cut edges do ravel quite a bit, so each piece get zigzagged first. 

I am always surprised by the results of this process.  Like countless other pieces that I've wrapped I expected a near perfect mirror image and here are two pieces that are anything but!

Path of Light c2012
Shibori rust on silk habotai
64" x 48"

This piece was entered also, but not accepted.  Can't have everything...but I do think they make a nice trio.  I'm only showing a detail of this one.
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