Monday, May 21, 2012

Fabienne's Gift

Fabienne Rey, a dear online friend from the Netherlands has sent me a wonderful gift.  The package arrived last week, chock full of crocheted doilies and embroidered dresser scarves with little bits and bobs of color.  I haven't photographed the color pieces yet.  But here are the doilies.  The one at left was knitted rather than crocheted.  It only measures 5 inches across!

I have a collection of doilies that started with saving ones my mom made.  I've added to it over the years and found several last year on a couple trips to antique stores. Recently, I've become very interested in square doilies.  Fabienne sent me two.  This pinwheel design is gorgeous.
Some of the pieces are really small.  Perhaps they were meant to be coasters, or placed under a vase.  I'm not sure.  This one (at left) is only about 3 1/4" across. 

Below is the largest that Fabienne sent.  Heavy thread and stiff with starch, this one measures 14 1/2" in diameter.
It has occurred to me to continue what I started last year in the collaboration show-- of incorporating the vintage doilies into my rust work.  I will have to think on that a while. 
I've never seen a doily like this one.  It is unique in color and pattern. 
This is a pineapple doily and was my mom's favorite pattern.  We had doilies similar to this over our house.  There are lots of variations on the pattern.  Mom once started to crochet me a pineapple table cloth.  The portion I have is over 30 inches in diameter and far from finished.  Unfortunately I don't know how to crochet! 

In closing I have to announce that Fabienne's beautiful work with eco dyeing and printing is now on exhibit in France.  I wish I could sprout wings and fly over to see it.  You can see pictures and read all about it here.  (use the translator if you don't read French!)
Thank you Fabienne for the fabulous gift. 

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