Friday, October 14, 2016

Cool weather rusting

Patricia Vivod - Untitled shibori rust on silk chiffon -- 71"x27"(unhemmed)

I don't much care for chiffon because of the crepey texture. But while looking for something to work with recently (I was temporarily out of dupioni), I decided to use up some remnants I had stashed. The drape and weight of chiffon allowed the fabric to be manipulated into tiny folds and swirls so there is lots of movement in the design and small details. I also used new string so as to create resist marks rather than prints as happens when I reuse string that has soaked up tannins. Iris leaves created additional resist and I soaked the fabric briefly in water rather than vinegar before starting. Tea leaves, and cheap wine were used in the process of setting up the design.

When I checked on the fabric several hours later, I feared not much was going on, so splashed some vinegar on the top side of the pipe and left it overnight. In the morning I was rewarded with some blackened areas. Overall the color is much less dramatic than my dupioni work but I quite like the soft result. It is very likely also related to the cooler weather.  It may be difficult to detect here, but the darkest areas have a definite greenish cast to them.  There is very little actual rust showing.  The chiffon was photographed against a black background.  White washed it out.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


A refresher on the From the Inside Out exhibit...

Four years ago my friend and 8 mile neighbor Elizabeth Adams-Marks and I embarked on a journey to create a fibers show that would celebrate the many ways in which mark making with rust, plant printing and natural dyes on textiles, paper and felt could be experienced in the hands of people who love the process and have a passion for ecological and sustainable practices in their art. We did not want to do a "safe" show. The more EAM and I talked, the more we wanted to do something wild and crazy. So we invited artists we'd met online through social media.
The front cover of the catalog

Elizabeth and I live in Illinois and it so happens that our fiber friends live thousands of miles away. Fabienne Rey is in The Netherlands, Irit Dulman is in Israel, and Rio Wrenn is in Portland, Oregon. We are so grateful they said YES! There were lots of bumps along the road to the exhibition, including EAM's fight with cancer (WON!) and the loss of our first gallery...but we kept our heads and the show opened in August 2014 at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in the gorgeous Art and Design West Gallery.

We raised money from several donors to fund the show and won a Small Events Grant from Surface Design Association and a scholarship from Missouri Fiber Artists. Over 300 people came to see the show during its run. A wonderful group of women enrolled in Rio Wrenn's Dyeing & Printing with Iron and Tannin Workshop held in conjunction with the exhibition.  We had visitors from Alabama, Florida, Maine, Maryland and Wisconsin; from Chicago, St. Louis and points west in Missouri; and of course Rio came from Oregon. 

Now after hundreds of hours of work, we are proud to announce the publication of a comprehensive catalog for the exhibit: From the Inside Out - Felt, Paper, Textiles: Revelations in Natural Mark Making. Every work was photographed, many closeups were shot, plus many gallery shots were taken showing the works in situ...important because we wanted to demonstrate the relationship of the works to each other, to the gallery and the landscape beyond, because the outside was invited into the gallery through its many windows. Many photos are quite large and span two page layouts. Very detailed captions were written; artists and curatorial statements and other commentary is included. The catalog is 100 pages, full color, 8 x 10 landscape format. And one more the exhibit itself, we believe this book is a work of art. 

Panorama shot of the gallery.  In the book this image is nearly 20 inches wide!

Elizabeth and I chose Blurb, a self publishing print on demand company to create the book. We were not disappointed. Blurb creates truly bookstore quality books and includes a free ISBN number for all print versions. The software is easy to use and free to download with no time limit on book creation.  It was a breeze to upload photos and customize the layouts plus we had rich text, spell check and other easy editing tools to use. Very conveniently, we also had a Blurb support team at our disposal when we ran into a glitch or a problem.  They never failed to lend a hand.  

Our catalog is available in all formats and can be purchased online in softcover, hardcover image wrap, hardcover with dust jacket, PDF--which will open on most platforms, and ebook format--which is set up especially for iPads. 

You can preview the book two ways--if you take a peek at the ebook, you can see the first 30% of the book online, however you'll only see EAM's work in that preview. You can see a scattering of 20+ pages if you open the preview to the print copy you'll get to see at least one layout on each of the five artists.  

Elizabeth and I hope you won't be able to resist getting a copy for yourself, to remember the best show you've ever seen ;), and particularly if you were unable to see the show in person. This is the next best thing--we promise. 

Visit this link to preview or purchase.

L-R Pat Vivod, Rio Wrenn and Elizabeth Adams-Marks at FTIO reception.

More information on From the Inside Out, with artist profiles, etc. 
can be found at the blog Elizabeth and I created for the event.  Here.   

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

California Dreaming

Patricia Vivod Wildfire ©2015
95" x 30"
I think this year has been the busiest of my life in regards to my art. With five shows under my belt, including Material Revival which I curated and participated in, plus contributing a six foot piece to The Riverwork Project, an evolving 300+ foot quilt begun by Sun Smith-Foret, I thought it was time to reveal another project of mine that until now, I've kept out of the public eye.  

A most incredible thing happened this past April when I was contacted by an interior designer interested in my work.  Her project, on behalf of the architectural firm she works for, was designing and decorating a new spa being built in St. Helena, California.  

I sent them several images and to my delight they purchased seven of my large hangings! Last week I received confirmation that the work has been installed and the spa opened on November 2. The seven pieces were hung in public areas of the spa. Two of the pieces were created this summer, one of which is shown at left. 

With the confirmation of installation came word that my work was very well received and another invitation was extended to create eight more pieces. I am beyond thrilled to participate in this venture. The North Bay Business Journal recently featured the $60 million spa and renovation project at the Meadowood Resort in Napa Valley. You can read the article here.

One of these days, I hope to visit and see my work in its new home.  

Here are some of the other pieces purchased.  

Dying Grass Moon Imperfect Mirror
92" x 27"

Patricia Vivod - Fault Lines
Patricia Vivod - Heaven Hell Feast Famine

One of my favorite pieces I've ever made, done last year for From the Inside Out is now in California.  The triple layer organza piece Heaven Hell Feast Famine was destined for an office area at the spa.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

SCC Fibers Invitational -- Show #5

Christine Holtz curated the SCC Fibers Invitational currently on view at St. Charles Community College in Cottleville, Missouri. Besides my five pieces there are a host of other works by some of my SIUE peeps and also St. Louis Weavers Guild and MoFA members.

Participating artists:

Elizabeth Adams Marks
Tracy Deniszczuk
Erin Vigneau Dimick
Suzy Farren
Alicia Pigg
Kay Rice
Nicole Ottwell
Pat Vivod
Deborah Waldman-Pontious

Weaving, felting, surface design, rust printing, shibori, embroidery, fashion and works on paper are on display in the gallery and large wide hallway outside of gallery. One more week for the show.

Some highlights:

L-R Suzy Farren and Erin Vigneau Dimick who have work in the show, Christine Holtz, curator, and  Laura Strand speaking with one of Christine's students at the reception.

Two fashion pieces on mannequins by Deborah Waldman-Pontious
That's my Feast of Saint Frackcis on the wall in the back.

Close up of Deborah's work

Felt sculpture by Tracy Deniszczuk
Work by Suzy Farren

Another of Tracy's felt pieces.  
Rust print on paper by Eizabeth Adams-Marks
Sitting in Judgement, shibori rust on silk
One of my newest pieces.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

Only today and tomorrow to see Material Revival!

Panoramic view of Material Revival at Edwardsville Arts Center

Through Oct 17, 2015

Artist and Curator talks on Sunday October 4, 3 to 5 pm

Artists in the show:  Erin Cork Woolfolk, Sarah Gillespie, Jo Stealey, Laura Strand,
Erin Vigneau Dimick and Pat Vivod, curator.

Gillespie, Strand, Vigneau Dimick and Vivod will be speaking on Sunday.

Edwardsville Arts Center
6165 Center Grove Road
Edwardsville, IL

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Curating and Participating - show #4 of 5 this season

Our fabulous show card in living color -- at the printers now.  Can't wait till it gets here.  
It's huge - will be 6 x 11"

The card  showcases details of work in progress for each of the 6 artists who share a relationship of teacher, student or mentor.  We collaborated 4 years ago, and thought it would be great to come together again.  I believe we all thought it would be easier this time around--but not a chance.  We are more challenged than ever to use each other's materials in our own work and it definitely seems like all of us have more going on in our other lives.

 Since we started working on Material Revival, three of us have started or are starting new jobs, one of us had a baby (not me!!), a couple of us have multiple shows going on simultaneously, and two of us moved into new digs this summer.  Yikes!
Only a few more weeks left to pull everything together and install the show.  

Mark your calendars!
Material Revival - September 11 to October 16, 2015
Opening reception - Friday, September 18, 6-8 pm
Artist Talk - Sunday, October 4, 3-5 pm

  Erin Cork Woolfolk
Sarah Gillespie
Jo Stealey
Laura Strand
Erin Vigneau Dimick
Pat Vivod - curator

We have profiles on all the artists, information about Edwardsville Arts Center and more.  

This is the back of our card with info about Material Revival and our sponor and in the middle is a plug for the Edwardsville Art Fair, organized by Edwardsville Art Center-our gallery, and the City of Edwardsville.  Really super event that takes place the weekend after our reception.

Our wonderful sponsor - Happy Up, Inc.  a toy store like no other you have ever visited.  
They cater to kids of all ages!
Two locations:  Edwardsville, IL and Clayton, MO (St. Louis)

Please support them because they are supporting us. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Third Show @ Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Patricia Vivod Dark Moon Rising ©2015
Shibori rust on silk dupioni
Cedarhurst Biennial opened on Saturday night, August 15.  Am thrilled to be included in this show and surrounded by the work of several acquaintances.

Check out the online catalog here.  Or better yet, go visit the show as there is nothing like seeing the work in person.  The catalog is on Facebook, but you do not have be a member to view the photos.  The entire show is documented.

Mitchell Art Museum / Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
2600 Richview Road, P.O. Box 923
Mt. Vernon, Illinois  62864
P: 618.242.1236 F: 618.242.9530

Exhibition opens to the general public
August 16 to October 4, 2015 

Regular Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, 1 to 5 p.m.
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