Friday, May 19, 2017

Making It In Crafts III -- the reception at the museum

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be able to attend the opening of this exhibit at the Art Museum for Greater Lafayette. Altogether about a 4 hour drive for my husband and I, but we did combine the trip with a visit later to a dear friend who lives in Indiana about 2 hours south of Lafayette.

When we started looking for a hotel close by the museum, we discovered that Purdue University was holding graduation ceremonies the same day as the opening, so rooms were going for premium prices and we opted to stay in Crawfordsville about 27 miles to the south on Rt 231. I recommend the Best Buy that is just off I-74. Very nice room. Cracker Barrel is conveniently next door,  so we grabbed an early supper there before changing and driving up to Lafayette for the opening. I had the route memorized from the delivery trip in April, but the museum is easy to find.

 Pat Vivod, Carpe Noctem     shibori rust print on silk dupioni
Kathleen Nowak Tucci's (Alabama) pieces on either side.  Scroll down for another shot of her work.

The exhibit features 140 works by 51 artists from 25 states, Australia, and Canada spread over 2 galleries in the museum. A full color catalog was created that has photos of all the work plus artist websites which I've been exploring day by day since I received mine. Jim Sondgeroth pictured left was the guest curator. I had lunch with him the day I delivered work and learned that like me, he taught high school art for many years. He serves on the board of the museum. Jim personally selected all the artists for this exhibit and the previous two held in 2011 and 2014. I'm very proud to be included in this one... and very happy to say I've been invited back for the 2020 show.

On the day I delivered my work I met Jim and Michael Crowthers (left)who is the museum curator and installer of the exhibit. Michael did a phenomenal job in arranging the exhibit. I couldn't be more pleased with how my work was showcased. This exhibit is stunning both in the calibre of the work and the diversity of the mediums.

There were six artists I think at the reception including Joshua DeMonte (below) who came all the way from Maryland. Joshua was a delight to meet and talk to. He attempted to educate me about 3-D printing which is his medium now (he is a metalsmith). He teaches at Towson University.

For additional information on the show and a complete list of the artists plus individual images of my work, see the post I did announcing the show here.

Following is some of the work I photographed while at the reception.

Pamela MacGregor / Ohio     L-R: Sprout, Geisel, Session Tea Pod    felt

Kathleen Nowak Tucci / Alabama
Shield Necklace, Fringe Skirt
recycled motorcycle and bicycle inner tubes, brake cables

Joan McGee / Oregon
Flower Garden (L) silk organza, Golden Landscape (R) lambsuede

Carrie Schumacher / Illinois
C: Daphne's Diary, magazine R: Consequence of What You Do to Me, romance novel
Carrie Schumacher, Stay (Away/Awhile)
romance novel

Diane Siebels / Virginia   Head 10
cotton, velveteen, thread

Diane Siebels, Head 10 (detail)

Pat Vivod, Memento Mori    shibori rust print on silk dupioni
L: Melanie West / Maine    Shades of Yellow Big Bead    polymer necklace

Pat Vivod, Bono Malum Superate, shibori rust print on silk dupioni
in the wall case: Jeffrey Lloyd Dever / Maryland, Promesse du Jardin, polymer clay necklace
far right, Carrie Schumacher's work

Diane Siebels / Virginia   Head 9  fiber
There were a few other artists working in fiber or using fiber techniques with non fiber materials such as Brooke Marks-Swanson / Indiana, who I met, but forgot to photograph her work. She does striking large scale wearable adornments/jewelry using hand knit leather combined with silver and gold. Kate Cusack / New York, does equally striking wearable neck pieces using zippers and thread. Jill Ault / Michigan had three stunning art quilts in the show using digitally printed cotton to create optical effects. Geoffrey Gorman's rabbit, below left, utilized fabric that is rusted over time by the wires that bind the fabric to the form. I saw Gorman's work at SOFA Chicago a few years ago.  

Geoffrey Gorman / New Mexico
L-R: Bachmani, Blue Backed Woodpecker, Magpie with Chair
mixed media, found objects

Chris Francis / California  Sideboard Shoe - Tribute to Gerritt Rietveld
mixed media (Chris has designed shoes for Lady Gaga)

Glass, ceramics, wood, leather and furniture and jewelry made up the rest of the show. I couldn't begin to capture everything, but here are a few more highlights.

Bennett Bean / New Jersey
L-R: M# 1890 Vessel, M# 1808 Double Cylinder, M# 1888 Vessel
pit fired, gilded, painted earthenware

Anne Boothe / Pennsylvania
Civil Root, kiln cast lead crystal

Michael Wilcox / Indiana
Sidewalk Racer (roller skates front left) Dog Days (fan at rear)
No Preservatives Added (potter's wheel)

L: Richard Satava / California,  Double Moon Jellyfish, glass
R: Paul Stankford / New Jersey, glass
Joshua DeMonte / Maryland
Arcade Coil,   33% glass filled polyamide (3-D printed)

Eric Knoche / North Carolina
Story, wood fired stoneware with slip and glaze

There was a sizable crowd at the reception and I got to meet and chat with many people and all of the artists in attendance. One of the highlights was meeting this woman and her electric shoes! I didn't get her name but WOW! Guess what I'm wearing to my next opening?  :)

FYI: I had the permission of the curator and director of the museum to photograph.  

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