Sunday, September 30, 2012

Decision and Delivery

You might guess I changed my mind again.  Not much time to think about which way should be up as I had about 20 minutes to spare when I walked into Jacoby Center today to deliver the piece.  Decided on the original format.

Stippling in the rusted cotton which used to be a dishtowel of my mom's and meandering in the area below to define the elderberry impressions left during composting the silk.  The lighter silk in the picture above was composted at a different time and once again I found  rivers and topography in the walnut stains.

The finished piece with machine free motion stitching, some metallic threads, some rayon or silk thread and bead embellishment.  The blue area is walnut composted sueded rayon that was indigo dyed this summer.  The orange dress fabric also belonged to my mom.  I think it is cotton, but it is very crisp.


  1. Hello Pat, Just stopped over here after seeing a post in Natural Dyeing, and I have to say this is so beautiful!! I know we all see what we see but I had to tell you that this reminded me of a meteor crashing through the atmosphere of an other worldly kind .. just so interesting to look at!!! I love the combinations of blue walnut and golden rust......just fabulous!!! Glad I came over to have a look.. makes me want to take down a stitching piece and do some hand stitching ..I'm inspired!

    1. Thanks Tammy,
      I always say that one of these days I'll pick up a needle and thread and do some hand stitching, but the chances of that happening for real is once in a blue moon-lol. I am too impatient. All the stitching on this is done by machine except for the beading. Your impression of the meteor is very interesting.


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