Monday, September 3, 2012

Fibers at Lindenwood

Friday I got to see the Contemporary Fiber Arts show at Lindenwood University for the first time. Curator John Troy did a wonderful job in arranging the four artists' works. My big silks look good in the space I think, though John told me that this was the largest work displayed there and adjusting the lighting was a challenge. One of the lights had sagged a bit before the reception leaving The Rain Dancers Ball too dark at the top.
Three of my big new silks made during the heat wave hang next to the smaller dark one finished last year for Fiber Focus.

I met artists Leandra Spangler (pictured) and Carol Zeman for the first time at the reception. Leandra's work involves basketry overlaid with handmade paper which is embossed and painted and occasionally embellished. Both artists are from Missouri.

Two more of Leandra's pieces.

Leandra's tall beaded piece Andromeda (reed, artist made cotton paper, knitted steel, metal and glass beads) next to Carol Zeman's art. In the background is one of my silks, Maze of Life.

Several of Carol's works involve found wood and handmade paper with non-traditional basketry techniques.

Bookshelf: Book of the Future is made of bamboo and palm frond paper, recycled paper, artificial sinew  coptic binding. It is only about 8 inches wide.

The fourth artist is Jessica Forys-Cameron from Illinois. Jessica included sculptural pieces (collectively referred to as Unmades) as well as Vignettes which include painting and sculpture. They all have a fairytale quality.

Lots of students came to the opening, among them two classes of fashion design students who had a lot of interest in my silk.  I spoke to one of the classes and was also interviewed by LUTV.  Besides the Boyle Family Gallery, the arts center houses a large theater, a black box theater, graphic design, and the television studio.

The stunning J. Scheidegger Arts Center at Lindenwood University.  The Contemporary Fiber Arts show will be up through September 30.



  1. This looks like a fantastic exhibit, Pat. Thanks for posting on SDA.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Clairan. Are you too far away to visit the gallery?


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