Friday, July 15, 2011

What I won't tell you

I've spent a lot of my time in my basement studio over the last several months-- staring at block printed seersucker fabric, handmade paper, cooked and manipulated leaves, curly wool roving and a weaving I finally cut into three parts -- all the original property of my partners in collaboration for an upcoming show that is part of Innovations 2011.  You can see an explanatory post on that here and a preview of another piece here.

Notice I said staring.  I was basically paralyzed at first, not sure what I wanted to do with the materials I had chosen from my colleague's studios, nor how I would incorporate them into my own work.  But work is progressing now (which is very good as the show is only 42 days away!) and I wanted to give you a peek at a piece I'm working on right now. 

Shibori rust silk and this work will being combined to create a large wall piece.  I shot this detail while it was on the table with a light from the side so you could see the 3-D qualities I've achieved with my needle felting machine.  For those of you who saw Innovations 2009, this weaving might seem vaguely familiar.  That's all I'll say for now.  You'll have to come see the show to know how this will turn out.  Stay tuned!  (Of course I'll post about this and the other works after the exhibition is up for those of you in far flung areas.)

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