Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doc Martin Saga

Tonight I saw Elizabeth Adams Marks  at the JAC Juried show--where two of Elizabeth's beautiful Cornwall inspired paper pieces are displayed.  She handed me a little surprise carried back from a recent trip to England.

I won't repeat any of the story here because Elizabeth tells it so well on her blog.  Suffice it to say, she made my day with a gift of some beach rocks from Port Isaac which stands in for Port Wenn on the British TV series Doc Martin that airs here on PBS, AND, a precious autograph from a character in the series.

Read all about it on Elizabeth's blog 2nd Hand Paper here for Doc Martin Part 1 and here for part 2.

Elizabeth is a talented illustrator, papermaker, book artist, full time middle school art teacher-currently working on her 2nd masters degree, wife, mother, avid gardener, and all around wonder woman (she remodeled her kitchen too for God's sake!).    Explore her blog 2ndhandpaper, where in addition to Doc Martin and other Cornish delights, she has offered some of her middle school lessons on indigo dyeing and handmade paper.

Photo by Peter Marks
Ian McNeice, sporting Elizabeth's scarf that I made.  Ian plays Bert Large in the Doc Martin series.  The colors of the rocks Elizabeth collected for me match the scarf quite well.

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  1. Dear Pat,

    Thank you for creating me and allowing me to move to a new family that carefully carried me across the pond so I could visit "Port Wenn." With my subtle earthly colors, I felt very much at home in Cornwall and greatly appreciated the opportunity to meet and wrap the neck of Ian McNeice.

    ~ Yours truly,
    The scarf

    And thank you Ms. Vivod for all of your lovely comments about my work. I look forward to seeing your collaboration with our textile friends at the next opening at the Jacoby Arts Center.


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