Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We interrupt this programming...

I've promised another post about the workshop, but that has been preempted by breaking news--
I'm now the proud owner / mother of this:

Found at an antique store in Alton, IL last week.  Actually I found 2 copper vessels.  One was labeled brass, but I believe I know copper when I see it.  I had it in my hand when I found the cauldron. 

Don't like the shiny bit...that coating needs to be removed so that I can cook with it.  Inside is a beautiful patina.  Not too keen on the brass feet.  Trying to figure out whether I might need to set it inside a pan with water to get the heat up around the bottom if I use it on the burner.  Don't have a fire pit yet.

The other copper thing was about 15" in diameter and about 6 or 7 inches high with a large opening.  Very unusual.  Reminded me of a squat basket shape.  About an inch or so down the side from the large opening was a round hole about 1.25" diameter.  It had two handles made of rolled copper.    Nice patina inside and out.  Not sure how it came to be labeled brass.  I debated which would be more practical and the depth of this one won out over the other.

Can't wait to start using this for bundles.

I also found a nice sized aluminum dutch oven complete with lid.  Will work a little better than the big dishpan I bought last year.  I already have 2 or 3 iron pots so I am all set for trying my hand at more bundle cooking-just as soon as I get my current show obligations met.  


  1. that cauldron is exquisite. to get rid of the lacquer on such things i usually soak them in a bucket of seawater...but i'm thinking that a bucket of ashwater would do just as well.

  2. yippy, I got one of Inge Evers...(www.wvevers.dds.nl) not shining as been well used in her past.

  3. you lucky woman..still lucky for the right cauldron for me. these are great. Happy dyeing.


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