Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Like the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night

Well, not really.  I'd rather sleep in if I had my druthers.
But I took one look at this new piece--detail shown below, and knew I was looking at night and day.  It is so different from the other pieces I unwrapped this morning. Expected a mirror image-not disappointed.

Shibori rust on silk dupioni (detail)

shibori rust on silk habotai
Freshly unwrapped. 
Looks like a perfect mirror image--from a distance.

shibori rust on CDC

Detail of a long narrow piece.  That's a sun flare on the upper right.


  1. extraordinary stuff, me dear

  2. HI there, Pat,
    Just read through several months of your blog and absolutely love what you are doing. Especially the eco prints. I gather you must make very tightly wrapped bundles, then fold then backwards on to themselves, secure tightly and boil / simmer for an hour. However, sometimes it seems you include copper in your pot? And you speak of getting / having a copper vessel? Do the ecoprints work better with copper added to the water? I am in awe of your results.
    Jennifer Cooper

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer.
    The eco prints were done in India Flint's workshop in St. Louis. Haven't done any since because I'm in the midst of getting ready for 3 shows. Look forward to picking up where I left off this fall.

    The copper helps enhance yellows and greens. Other metals can be used effectively too. You don't have to have a copper pot...just use a neutral pot (stainless steel) and wrap your fabric around a piece of copper.


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