Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fabric for a dress

Tried another large experiment on dupioni with elderberries and shibori rust (I did a 15 foot long piece last summer--click on the Farm Girl Landscape page to see it).   This 4 yard length of fabric is destined to become a dress...or not.  Depends.  Sassafras leaves were used for the resist.  To my surprise, they preserved the magenta color that initially came from the berries.  The fabric is in my tin box to cure and has not yet been rinsed or washed. 

On the pipe, but ready to come off. 

Off the pipe, wet and not unfolded yet.

Sassafras leaves preserved the elderberry magenta color.

The rest of the elderberry color oxidized to blue.

Wet, unfolded completely, resting in the shade.

Wet and hanging on the clothesline--sun is behind the piece.

Fabric is dry now.  Detail
Detail of string marks and chevron pattern (dry).

Close detail of leaf resist and tea marks (dry).

On the pin wall and floor of my studio (dry).

Detail of dry piece.



  1. This is a WONDERFUL piece and a GREAT project. Love to see how to turn it out. Would like to follow you but can't see how to add as there seems no link. I'll come again. You're a GREAT artist.

  2. Look for followers just above the live traffic feed in the sidebar. Thanks so much for visiting, Terrie.

  3. What a glorious piece of fabric! I can't wait to read your older posts (just found you tonight through Terrie).

  4. sure is a luminous piece, me dear


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