Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fabric for a dress part 2

Another 4 yards of silk fabric is being prepped.   Had a different light shining on this so the color looks warm compared to the shots below.
Took me days instead of hours to stitch spirals and snakes all over this dupioni.  Took a while to gather everything up too and press.  I'm slow.  What can I say.

The fabric has been considerably reduced in width and length in the process and is now folded and soaking in vinegar.  Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll put it out to rust.  Haven't decided yet what I'll use.  Maybe berries, may not.  I work spontaneously once I'm outside.  Will let you know when I know.
Detail of a spiral gathered up and pressed flat.


  1. this is really interesting Pat - will look forward to seeing what evolves - thanks for the great links you have been posting on the f,s,d facebook page too

  2. Stopped by to enjoy your blog. I really like your textile work and experiments with dyeing--just beautiful. I also noticed that you had a post mentioning your grandparents. I've just finished a 3 part series of posts on grandmothers. We seem to have some parallel thoughts!
    best from Tunisia,


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