Monday, October 31, 2011

Fabric for a dress part 2--results

This is the result of rusting the stitched and gathered silk you saw in the previous post.  The fabric is 4 yards so I didn't manage to fit the entire piece in the picture.  Part of it is on the floor.

I tried a suggestion from friend James Dennison to use castile soap to wash the silk.  I do not detect any color shift in this piece although some scarves I washed tonight were not so lucky.   Not that the results are bad, just was hoping there would be no color change.

I used Dr. Bonner's (with hemp, unscented).  Am looking for some other brands to try.  Suggestions welcome. 

Here is a detail of this very large piece of dupioni silk.  The stitching distorted the chevron patterns that usually occur in my shibori rust pieces.  The tea created very black marks.  I did draw with tea dust, but those areas were not as distinct as I'd hoped either.

Another detail below.  There were leaves all over this piece inside the folds and on the outside against the pipe and almost none of them printed or left a distinct mark--just general white resist shapes.   Of course they are distorted too because of the gathered pleats throughout the cloth.  I can't quite imagine a dress out of this--will have to play with it a bit. 


  1. I love the pattern. I think it will look good as a dress.

  2. would make very fine camouflage :>))

  3. Orvus soap is supposed to be gentle on silk and wool. It is used to wash animals. You can buy it online.

    I admire your tenacity.

  4. Thanks Diana, I have used Orvus for years--color shifts with that too.

  5. Hi Pat I always use a neutral hairshampoo (like the brand Dove). If it is good for your hair, than it is ok for silk&colour. Never had a problem in colourshifts


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