Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New direction

New work is actually old fabric, created through composting way back in 2006.  I haven't done any composting since then that I can remember but I have many many pieces of silk that were composted -- some whole cloth, some in pieces that may some day be dealt with.  The silk below so reminded me of the recent oil spill (I hate that inappropriate word) that I felt compelled to work with it for the group show Elements at Main Street Art Gallery.  

I have been making free hanging silk pieces since 2001.  In 2008 I began a series of quilted/felted collages but for this silk I needed a different way to present it.  I did not want to embellish the silk which I felt would take away from the exquisite patterns left in the silk from the composting process.  In the end, I purchased ready made canvas stretchers, covered them with felt and stretched the silk over all and stitched it in place on the back.  I'm a little concerned about the wrap around edges, but I think the pieces turned out well.  

Nevereverland c2010 is 36 inches square. 

Moon Garden c2010 measures 24 x 30 inches.  

Gold Coast c2010 measures 40 x 30 inches.

Frond c2010 is the smallest at 14 x 11 inches.  

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elements at Main Street Art Gallery

Elements refers to the natural world--earth, wind, fire.  The work done collectively by this particular group of artists, myself included, has exploited metal, clay, fiber, paper, and taken inspiration from nature through photography, painting, collage, surface design and sculpting.  I would enjoy talking about my work with you at the opening.  Hope you can make it over to Edwardsville on July 23rd, 6-8 pm.  Main Street Art Gallery is at 237/239 North Main Street.   

Two of my pieces in this show come from a single length of silk composted in summer 2006.  I originally discussed this bit of cloth in a previous post and recently decided that the skirt must go.  The ripper took out the seams and the silk has been reborn as wall art.  A detail of one of the pieces is on the postcard above.  I'm  trying something new for this exhibit...mounting some of my silk over felt covered stretched canvas to show off the surface designsI'll also have a large free hanging  rusted piece on display.   

Friday, July 9, 2010

Opening tonight!

Jacoby Arts Center 6th Annual Juried Exhibition opens tonight -- July 9 -- with a reception from 5-8 pm.  The show runs through August 8, 2010.  One of my small pieces, Organic Bailout, was selected for the show.  

This piece features both rusted and composted silks along with a piece of rusted vintage dishtowel fabric that had been my mother's.  I did a lot of free motion quilting and embroidery on this piece which measures only 11 x 8.5 inches.  

For those you in the area who plan to attend the opening at JAC, you can gallery hop over to By Design.  Lillian Bates has turned part of her fiber arts and wearable boutique into a full fledged gallery.  Her first show opens tonight too with a reception from 5 to 8 pm.  The show is called Varied Perspectives.

Lillian features my scarves, t-shirts, tights and other wearables in her boutique.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Only saw fireworks on TV this 4th of July.  Too tired to get in the car and drive the 3 miles to see the display in town.  Spent the holiday at the home of friend Elizabeth Adams Marks and got a preview of her new paper collagesSo beautiful.  She and I will be in the Elements show together that opens later this month at Main Street Art Gallery in Edwardsville.  The pressure is on.  Lots to do.  In the meantime I made my own fireworks of sorts with little rusty stars on this silk/rayon blend. 

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