Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New direction

New work is actually old fabric, created through composting way back in 2006.  I haven't done any composting since then that I can remember but I have many many pieces of silk that were composted -- some whole cloth, some in pieces that may some day be dealt with.  The silk below so reminded me of the recent oil spill (I hate that inappropriate word) that I felt compelled to work with it for the group show Elements at Main Street Art Gallery.  

I have been making free hanging silk pieces since 2001.  In 2008 I began a series of quilted/felted collages but for this silk I needed a different way to present it.  I did not want to embellish the silk which I felt would take away from the exquisite patterns left in the silk from the composting process.  In the end, I purchased ready made canvas stretchers, covered them with felt and stretched the silk over all and stitched it in place on the back.  I'm a little concerned about the wrap around edges, but I think the pieces turned out well.  

Nevereverland c2010 is 36 inches square. 

Moon Garden c2010 measures 24 x 30 inches.  

Gold Coast c2010 measures 40 x 30 inches.

Frond c2010 is the smallest at 14 x 11 inches.  


  1. your right - a lot of piece are already done by the composting, nature's own art! with the creative help from the human artist.. Xd

  2. I wish the wait wasn't quite so long for composting. Rusting has spoiled me.


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