Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The longest shibori rust so far

I have been invited to exhibit at Kaskaskia College in Centralia, IL. this September/October.  There is a beautiful gallery there and some large spaces to fill.  I've been working on a few long pieces of silk.  I'm pretty pleased with this one.  It's too long, at 112 inches, for my indoor studio pin board set up, so I photographed it on the clothesline next to my outdoor studio. 

You might wonder how the design came about.  Tried photographing the in process piece in the dark.  The days are getting shorter!  (I can't help it--I'm a night person and it was darn near 9 pm!)  This is just after I finished applying the tea before pleating and wrapping the fabric.  The pole/pipe I used is about 8 feet long.

Two six foot tables are end to end here in my outdoor studio.  The 45 inch silk twill is folded in half for the application of tea.  

A new order of silk arrived Friday.  I've purchased some 55 inch wide silk to experiment with.  Not sure how I'm going to handle it.  I'd love to find a longer pipe too. 


  1. this looks very interesting and the outcome is stunning!

  2. Thanks Dorie! I'm continuing experiments with tea dust.

  3. really really beautiful!

    viaviavia I come here
    (face book I think)

  4. Welcome Yvette. I've been exploring facebook too and have discovered many fiber artists out there. So many felters! I must learn!

  5. Lovely work here! Found you while doing a search for rust dyeing. Now that I see how beautiful it is, I am going to have to try it on some shibori.


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