Monday, August 9, 2010


Did some experiments the other day with 12" widths of silk dupion and hemp silk.  I like the results and am anxious to try some big stuff this week.

Above: Hemp silk shibori rust, scanned  detail.  Love the texture and the gold/bronze color.  The blurry marks are due in part to the texture of the fabric and the high humidity.  The design reminds me of ikat.   The piece was tied, but I chose to scan an area where that's not obvious.

This is the silk dupion sample.  I can't get over how deep the blacks are. 

Both of these pieces were wrapped with 8 layers for the rust to penetrate.  Harder going for the hemp silk, but I thought when I started out that the dupion was almost of equal weight.  I've used habotai for so many years, did not realize the potential of dupion.  


  1. Beatifull designs - like the soft pink tones in the silk dupion too. May I ask you-is this the help of some berrie/grape? And are you going to use soda to stop the ironreaction?

  2. No berries--just rust and tea. I did use soda on both pieces before washing. The pink may be coming from the fermented juice I apply after wrapping. Sometimes I use walnut, sometimes sumac.

  3. India, I am honored that you stopped by to see what I do. You've certainly made my day!!

    Thank you!


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