Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elements at Main Street Art Gallery

Elements refers to the natural world--earth, wind, fire.  The work done collectively by this particular group of artists, myself included, has exploited metal, clay, fiber, paper, and taken inspiration from nature through photography, painting, collage, surface design and sculpting.  I would enjoy talking about my work with you at the opening.  Hope you can make it over to Edwardsville on July 23rd, 6-8 pm.  Main Street Art Gallery is at 237/239 North Main Street.   

Two of my pieces in this show come from a single length of silk composted in summer 2006.  I originally discussed this bit of cloth in a previous post and recently decided that the skirt must go.  The ripper took out the seams and the silk has been reborn as wall art.  A detail of one of the pieces is on the postcard above.  I'm  trying something new for this exhibit...mounting some of my silk over felt covered stretched canvas to show off the surface designsI'll also have a large free hanging  rusted piece on display.   

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