Saturday, July 21, 2012

Twisted rusty bits and HEAT

Some lovely bits given to me by a friend.  Almost TOO much rust to control in this heat. Have made two scarves so far and here is the first wrapping and result. The trivet I haven't used yet--it just happened to be laying on the table in the afternoon sun.  


  1. Great pattern. Looking forward to your results with the trivet.

  2. Wonderful 'topo map' look!

  3. yeah, the trivet! I always love seeing what you are up to pat and am so inspired. The scarf with the iron bits is delightful and thebig piece "a record" also greatly appreciated here!

  4. Thank you all for the comments. I've been so focused on shibori the last few years I've mostly ignored my other rusty bits, trivets and decorative iron. When I moved some pieces the other day to get at a pipe in the back of my shed I discovered a really neat piece I'd completely forgotten about! My new table in the studio will allow for some experimenting. Stay tuned...

    The topo look is exciting and very interesting to me. Hoping to play around more with that too.


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