Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Definitely some purple going on here

Back in June I tried a large piece of flat crepe silk on my auger which has given me such good results for scarves.  Silk was very thin but results a dud.  Not enough tea and not enough time.  Or maybe just too many layers for the rust to penetrate.  Even Darcy is questioning my effort.  So...I rusted again this time on a pipe and washed the piece a few days ago.  Will only show details here not the whole piece as this might be going to a show.


  1. woot woot, THAT is a keeper!
    And thanks for passing along the inspiration to just keep going sometimes.... ;>}}

    1. Thanks--I know the first time I rerusted a piece I was secretly thinking to myself that it was a waste of time. Got a great surprise instead. This time around expectations were high and I secretly feared it was going to be a let down lol. I am always second guessing. Should just go with the flow.


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