Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Illinois SDA blog

I've just posted my first contribution to the Illinois SDA blog.  If you are an Illinois artist and member of SDA, do go over and follow.  We want to spread the word.  Of course you don't have to belong to SDA to follow--it's a public blog.  Lots of news regarding what is going on around the state and lots of links to explore on fibers related things.  I wrote at length about the collaboration I am involved in for Innovations 2011 at Jacoby and posted lots of pics.  A few repeats from my post several weeks ago, but lots of new information too.  Hope you'll stop by to read it.
Garden Kingdom at left was an experiment in re-rusting a piece of silk.  It was accepted into Fiber Focus at Art Saint Louis which opens September 16.  The show is part of Innovations in Textiles.

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