Saturday, August 6, 2011

Feature on Jo Stealey

Title: Incan Mantles (2009) by Jo Stealey
Size: 42”Hx26”Wx4”D
Materials: processed leaves, silk organdy, gold leaf, Buckrum, Acrylic
I have been wanting to share information about the people with whom I am collaborating for the upcoming show at Jacoby Arts Center.  I just discovered this fabulous article on Jo Stealey who heads the fiber department at the University of Missouri Columbia and is internationally known.  Read here.

I am awed by her talent and honored that she accepted my invitation for this show.

Jo Stealey's standing book detail in progress for collaboration show

Jo wears many hats as an artist.  She works both two and three dimensionally.  Part of her repertoire includes wall art, installations, architectural pieces and books such as the 14 foot scroll that will be part of our upcoming show and also very small things.  This piece is a work in progress that incorporates some burn manipulated organza from Erin Vigneau Dimick's studio, another of the collaborators.  It's about 12 inches high. 

Jo's work is inspired by nature on many levels.  Visit her website to be dazzled!

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