Sunday, May 29, 2011

Getting back to work

I reopened my outdoor studio several weeks ago and took these shots of some new work on the clothesline as well as the studio itself. 

Wish I had the energy to get the weeds under control.  The ivy is doing pretty well.  My oakleaf hydrangea is getting huge.  I love it.

Weather is still changeable.  It was cool and rainy today--though for the holiday weekend it was supposed to be in the 80s.  Maybe tomorrow...

Probably should have posted these images before the previous post.  You can see the dark piece I discussed already, fresh from rinsing and drying on the line.
I took down the old clotheline and installed a new one that continues at right angles to another tree so that I can see things on that line from the house.


Detail of one of the pieces on the clothesline.  This is sueded rayon and unfortunately takes the rust so well that it damaged the fibers.  I have multiple holes in the rustiest parts, so this piece is destined for collage or quilting. 

Full view of a dupioni piece that is about 55" square.  I really like the dupioni fabric.  Bought some more last week although it wasn't the wide version that I'd wanted. 

I have a piece almost the same size as this one that I unwrapped too soon.  Very weak design.  I plan to rerust it soon.  Hoping for deep dark results as on the piece in my previous post.  Wish me luck!!

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  1. finally had time to swing by and have a look at your pages
    what a delight!


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