Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long Day

I spent most of the day Monday at the Department of Art & Design at SIUE making visits to several graduate and upper level classes.  As a member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Art, I volunteered (along with two of my colleagues) to make presentations on the upcoming art auction that provides the funding for the visiting artist program plus many other projects for art at SIUE.   The goal:  to convince students it is in their best interests to donate art for the auction.  Hope they took the info to heart.

The real treat came at the end of the day when I returned to the fibers studio to visit with my professor and friend Laura Strand and fellow student, teacher and book artist Elizabeth Adams Marks who is working on her masters in art ed now.  Just spending a few minutes with these two gets my juices flowing.  Elizabeth and I used to exhibit side by side at ARTEAST.  I first met her when she was working on her BFA as I was working towards my MFA.  Laura was instrumental in turning me from traditional printmaker to textile artist. 

Oh my, I was so sleepy when I got home, I couldn't keep my eyes open to watch the medal performances for Olympic Ice Dancing.  Dang!  The last pair were in the kiss and cry booth when I woke up.   So I came downstairs to check email and discovered some really great news.  The SDA website has listed my blog on the Member Website list.  Woo Hoo!!  

Future plans for this blog include creating some links to my favorite sites and fellow artists, especially the group I came to know and admire through grad school.  And, I promise the next post will finally debut pics of my outdoor studio.   The pictures were taken last spring and summer so they should provide a nice contrast to the cold, gray days we've been experiencing here in the midwest.  

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