Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello Darcy!

Darcy is my lone cat.  Her companion Uma, pictured in my profile, is no longer with us.  My husband thought it was unfair that Darcy was not on the blog too, so allow me to introduce her.  Darcy was rescued from a pothole in a parking lot by my niece.  She was so tiny--only about 5 inches long when she was brought to me.  Thirteen years later and thirteen pounds heavy, she is healthy and happy, although missing one eye now.  She does pretty well with out it!  Her favorite napping place in the summer used to be on the screen that covers my utility sink, now moved from my patio to the new studio that I'll show you in an upcoming post.  

As it's been so cold lately, Darcy spends only a few minutes at a time outside and loves to snuggle in any of several places around the house.  Tonight she slept on my lap while I watched episode 2 of LOST.  What a sweetheart she is, drool and all. 

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