Thursday, August 20, 2015

Curating and Participating - show #4 of 5 this season

Our fabulous show card in living color -- at the printers now.  Can't wait till it gets here.  
It's huge - will be 6 x 11"

The card  showcases details of work in progress for each of the 6 artists who share a relationship of teacher, student or mentor.  We collaborated 4 years ago, and thought it would be great to come together again.  I believe we all thought it would be easier this time around--but not a chance.  We are more challenged than ever to use each other's materials in our own work and it definitely seems like all of us have more going on in our other lives.

 Since we started working on Material Revival, three of us have started or are starting new jobs, one of us had a baby (not me!!), a couple of us have multiple shows going on simultaneously, and two of us moved into new digs this summer.  Yikes!
Only a few more weeks left to pull everything together and install the show.  

Mark your calendars!
Material Revival - September 11 to October 16, 2015
Opening reception - Friday, September 18, 6-8 pm
Artist Talk - Sunday, October 4, 3-5 pm

  Erin Cork Woolfolk
Sarah Gillespie
Jo Stealey
Laura Strand
Erin Vigneau Dimick
Pat Vivod - curator

We have profiles on all the artists, information about Edwardsville Arts Center and more.  

This is the back of our card with info about Material Revival and our sponor and in the middle is a plug for the Edwardsville Art Fair, organized by Edwardsville Art Center-our gallery, and the City of Edwardsville.  Really super event that takes place the weekend after our reception.

Our wonderful sponsor - Happy Up, Inc.  a toy store like no other you have ever visited.  
They cater to kids of all ages!
Two locations:  Edwardsville, IL and Clayton, MO (St. Louis)

Please support them because they are supporting us. 


  1. Pat--I am just starting to try rusting. Do you use anything besides water when you rinse out the rusted fabrics? Thank you for any help....I am an urban gal in S. California!!

    1. Forgive me for not giving you a detailed answer right now--I am swamped with work for the next 3 weeks or so. Are you referring to neutralization or washing with soap?

  2. I neutralize depending on amount and color of the rust. If it's really orange and particularly if very heavy (perhaps metalized), I soak for several minutes in solution of baking soda and water. The amount depends on weight and yardage of fabric. Then rinse out and you are done. If the baking soda solution has shifted your color, a quick dip in a little vinegar water can restore the original color. I wrote about color shift in 2 posts. Just look for "color shift" under labels in left sidebar to find them. If you need more info, let me know.

  3. Thank you so much for your help. And now I know what to look up!

  4. I don't always neutralize. And some rust artists don't do it at all.

  5. Good luck with your work. Try not to metalize your fabric if it is your intention to sew with it.

  6. Pat---I hate to sound ignorant, but what is "metalizing" fabric? Susan

    1. If you leave you fabric in contact with the rust too long, you no longer have just a beautiful stain on your fabric, but the actual transfer of metal. You can see and feel it. Silk fibers in particular will turn brittle and can break or form holes. Metalized fabric is weak, will tear easily, and will often look iridescent and feel rough. Not at all pleasant for wearables. It is very difficult to sew on fabric that is heavily rusted. Not unusual to break needles. Your sewing machine will protest with clunking sound as it punctures the fabric. Rust dust will get into moving parts of machine. Needles will dull fast. Hand sewing is also difficult. Might need pliars to pull needle through heavy rusting. The heavier the fabric the more difficult it is to sew. If you are not making wearable, then metalization is not such an issue. Dramatic pieces might come from the strong rusting, but your fabric is still weakened and metalized areas will continue to rust.


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