Friday, April 24, 2015

Keeping me in stitches

A little while ago a package arrived at my house. The doorbell rang and I had to sign for a somewhat misshapen box covered in brown paper. I have been remiss in not thanking the sender and sharing all the treasures I found within. Fabienne Rey you are a peach! Frankly, I was struck speechless at first, so forgive my silence on this extraordinary gift. 

Actually there were several gifts, each one separately wrapped in brown tissue and tied with striped string accompanied by labels. On top were some cards and eco printed papers for Elizabeth Adams-Marks and I to share along with a gift of a precious blue pod for Elizabeth that she posted about on her FB page. Underneath those items were several more packages. The first one was filled with doilies.  

Ms. Rey gifted me some fabulous doilies some time ago and this box contained several new ones which I laid out on my glass topped coffee table to photograph (that's not a blue doily, it's a book on the shelf below). Below are some closeups. Perhaps I should take the time to pin them to my black board to get better pictures. 

Underneath the doilies was a package that contained two eco printed flags--one for Elizabeth and one for me. The flags are from Dharma. Once upon a time we toyed with the idea of displaying flags outside the gallery while the From the Inside Out exhibition was up, but couldn't figure out a way to secure them from theft. Mine is made of nylon fabric and it appears to have taken the eco printing well. I think I'll fly it by my outdoor studio this year.   

And then I opened the package at the bottom of the box with a tiny label that said "To Ms. Patsy who keeps me in stitches" and I couldn't see clearly for the tears. Speechless!


  1. Lots of activity on my and Fabienne's Facebook pages with the posting of this blog post. Fabienne shared some images of the making of the piece with details about the fabrics.

  2. The embroidery really is a special piece. I should have explained that Fabienne pieced together cutouts left over from the 12 eco printed panels she made for the From the Inside Out exhibition last year. In this way she has allowed me to keep a bit of "Mapping Healing Time" for myself. So sweet.

  3. I saw this on Facebook and I have to say .. i would be fallen over overwhelmed with gratitude for having gotten such a gift .. and I have to say an online friend/textile artist Arlee Barr .. sent me Jenny Deans book because she had two and included a few small pieces of her stitching and one eco dyed piece .. I was over joyed and there was something so touching to me that she sent her stitching .. i felt the handwork and was so moved by that. I have to say I felt loved by it .. so loved and that is a very nice thing .. It sounds as if you felt the love as well!!!

    1. Tammy,
      Thanks for your comment. I was quite surprised--am still in awe of Fab's gift. Still contemplating how I will display it. For now it is safely tucked away because my studio is becoming chaotic with new work. (Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier.)


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