Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring in Illinois

1:30 pm.
Snow started around 9 am.
Note the difference in the bushes in the next pic.

7:55 pm. I was enchanted by the soft light. Plenty of it with the reflective snow and daylight savings, but the camera turned everything blue because the flash would have done no good. 

My studio is way out there behind the barn to the right of the propane tank. Haven't measured. Heavy and wet and bowing the branches of trees and shrubs. Great for building snowmen.
It is still snowing.  It is the 4th day of Spring.  Yesterday was shirtsleeve weather.


  1. Spring atop our mountain in NC must be a first cousin. I do love the blue, don't you? Yum.

    1. The blue is interesting. The evening light that the eyes can see so well evades the camera. But I tried. It's mostly all melted now. The temperature was up in the 40s the day after the snow. But I understand another snow storm is coming day after Easter!

  2. Hi Pat...beautiful silks, so inspiring. I love the snow and the blue. Spent some time out in it and my farm and studio looked just like yours. I found some dried and semi-rotted persimmons in a bucket by the side of the barn when the snow melted yesterday and I am thinking of wrapping them in some fabric. The best things about organic printing is the spontaneity of it, and of course the beauty of the colors. Thanks for putting it out there for us to learn from.

    1. Hello Sharon!
      You know persimmons have been used for a long time in Japan as a medium for waterproofing. Not sure of the dye color they will yield. I made use of persimmons with the very first fabric I ever composted without knowing what would happen. I basically let the very ripe fruit go splat on the silk. Some of the original color of silk was preserved while everything else was dyed by the walnuts. Very soft transition from cream to brown with a tinge of pink here and there from berries I had also dropped on the cloth. Good luck with your persimmons.


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