Sunday, February 17, 2013

Amy Reidel

Her mom cAmy Reidel acrylic and gouache on digital print
In a few months it will be 13 years since I last taught in my high school classroom in St. Louis. Long enough for me to have trouble remembering the day to day work and assignments as I was telling a friend the other evening. Long enough that I not only don't miss it, but can hardly imagine I was a teacher for 25 years. But certainly not long enough to forget the many students who dedicated themselves to their art. One of those students is Amy Reidel who graduated close to the end of my career.

Julia Storm cAmy Reidel  oil on canvas
Amy went on to earn a BFA from University of Missouri St. Louis. Next stop was University of Tennessee at Knoxville for an MFA in painting and drawing. She taught for a while in Tennessee but returned to St. Louis a few years ago.

Karen rising from the amethyst cAmy Reidel photo collage and acrylic
Amy has established herself making art and  teaching (something I never seemed able to do simultaneously) and showing regularly. Recently she was interviewed for a new online magazine and I felt this rush of pride and wanted to share her work with you. 
Read the interview here.
Rapture cAmy Reidel wall installation

Check out Amy Reidel's beautiful website here.
Rapture cAmy Reidel window cling

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