Friday, April 20, 2012

Lucky me!

This gorgeous piece is mine now since I won the bid at the Friends of Art auction last week.  It's by Erica Iman, an MFA candidate at SIUE who usually works in ceramics or sculpture.  The piece is called Formation and it measures about 19x17 inches. The media is iron oxide on paper (mounted on board).   I suppose you can guess why I had to have it.  Another of Erica's donations won the Founder's Award and $500.  Her thesis show opens Saturday night April 21 at the Historic Lemp Brewery in St. Louis. Congratulations and much success to her!

Besides the relationship to rusting, I meant to add that the way the iron oxides behaved on the paper is very similar to the reticulation that occurs when tusche dries on a litho stone.  I love the effect.  It's also possible to coax it happening on copper plates as well for etching.  Such a beautiful thing when it happens.

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  1. I can see why you wanted it..beautiful.well done for winning it.xxlynda


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