Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fiber Focus at Art Saint Louis--Great show!

Gallery view of Fiber Focus exhibit at Art Saint Louis
Friday, September 16, I attended the reception at Art Saint Louis for the Fiber Focus exhibit juried by Lia Cook.  This exhibit is part of Innovations 2011 and will be up through October 13.  So proud to be in the show.  Robin Hirsch of ASL took this photo which includes my big piece, Garden Kingdom, on the left.  On the floor is the Best of Show piece and for the life of me I can't remember the artist.  Will post that as soon as I do a little research.  It is made of dirt sifted through a lace tablecloth and is most impressive.  The show has been up a while and apparently someone must of stepped on a corner and scuffed up the dust.  Still beautiful.  You can read more about the exhibit here and find the participating artists.   Found the info:

Trudy Rogers-Denham, Columbia, MO  Best of Show Award sponsored by Missouri Fiber Artists


  1. See the art at the far far left of the image above? I noticed it was rusted--but the "fabric" turned out to be pig gut!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. that sifted piece is quite delightful...reminds me [especially given the improvisational footwork] of the chalk drawings that are made outside houses in India each morning
    where the intent is that they should be worn away by feet coming and going

  3. I met the artist who rusted the pig gut. She is Penney Burton, originally from Montreal, Canada but currently living in Columbia, MO and studying at Mizzou. Jo Stealey is her graduate advisor.

  4. OMG-what a day! Information overload!!!
    I have looked at and thought of nothing but fiber art for over 15 hours, talked to no one but fiber artists and attended a party at the St. Louis home of some savvy but very sweet, down to earth fiber and craft collectors after all the gallery hopping was done.
    I'm fibered out!

    Started at 9 am Saturday, 17th with a wonderful lecture at the History Museum given by Marci Rae McDade former editor of Fiber Arts Magazine. Then it was a mad dash to visit 10 galleries scattered all over the city. Should have kept track of the miles I drove --used up more than half a tank of gas! Should have bought a ticket and rode the tour bus. Thank God the weather was OK--just a few rain drops.

    Saw some beautiful and remarkable things today. Met some internationally known artists. And there is more to come tomorrow! Or I should say today as it is nearly 2 AM Sunday morning.

    Marci McDade has agreed to come over to Illinois and see the show I curated at Jacoby Arts Center! She'll also visit Edwardsville Art Center where Laura Strand (my professor and collaborator) curated a show of her textile alumni. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

    Marci was snapping pictures all day and silly me--I left my camera in the car and never thought of shooting anything.

    The home of the collectors was unbelievable. An unassuming ranch house holds a collection of fiber art worthy of a museum. They began by collecting glass (Chihuly! and many others). Every wall of every room, bathroom and basement, every table, counter, cabinet, shelf holds a treasure with placards placed to id the work.

    The collection includes a who's who of fiber artists many internationally known. I should have written them down but was just having too much fun schmoozing instead. Got home at midnight.


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