Friday, February 4, 2011


I've been distracted lately with family.  My brother has been researching our father's history and at Christmas my sister gave me this photo of my mother's parents.  I had a cropped version of this portrait, but had forgotten that the original photo features my grandmother standing on a rock so as not to look so out of proportion to her very tall husband.  I don't have a date for the picture, but as my grandfather died in 1935, it was probably taken in the mid 1920s.  I think the picture is a hoot. 

I've used photos of my grandmother in my art before, as well as my mother and her siblings and my dad--mostly in prints. You can see one or two of them here (scroll down the page to my etchings).  Seems like I am being tugged in that direction again.  I'll keep you posted if anything new grows out of this. 

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