Thursday, June 24, 2010


I washed the soft gray scarf seen in yesterday's post and the color is warmer now with some pinkish tones.  Interesting, but I wish I could hang onto the cold gray tones.  I have hard water.  I neutralized the rust with baking soda then washed by hand in Ecover.  Will take some experiments to discover why the color shifts.  Not much I can do about the hard water.  Not sure it is the culprit as I do a thorough rinse of the rusted silk outdoors with the hose immediately after the reveal and nothing changes then.  I scanned approximately the same area as before.

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  1. getting warm colours is maybe a result of the pH-changing getting up (was it the baking soda which level up the pH) I have tried some samples with vinegar (low pH) and ashwater (high pH). The ashwater made the grey-tones in my scarf yellowish. Will write about that next week. Anyway, your fabrics with only rust and tea are amazing. Should go back to that again this summer, cause the sun is at the best at this moment here in the Netherlands.


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