Thursday, October 22, 2009

New work

Besides preparing for ARTEAST weekend which is over now, I created a piece for the ARTEAST Small Works Group Exhibit which continues through November 15 at the Jacoby Arts Center in Alton, Illinois.  100 ARTEAST participants have work in the show. 

Twitter #54, July 1927: "Etta had company this evening"
Mixed media collage--rust dyed and composted fabric, found fabric, found paper, thread

I usually have to force myself to work small but this piece came together easily when I rediscovered a tiny diary I bought at an antique store in Pocahontas a couple years ago stashed in one of my bins of found objects.  Written the same year my parents were married, the words are cramped, sometimes unreadable.  I realized as I attempted to decipher the handwriting that the author recorded some pretty mundane thoughts day to day which led me to compare the entries to twittering.  Methinks I miss making collages so when I get past my current deadlines, I'd like to make use of more pages from this little gem of a diary.

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